Pre-Conference Workshops - Monday, 20 March 2017

Workshop A | 研讨会 A

9:00 am - 11:30 am Cold Chain Operation at the Biomanufacturing Facility, from Clinical to Commercial Operations | 一次性生物医药工艺平台下的冷链运营

Mr. Michael Lee, Project Director,BeiGene Biopharmaceutical Company
Single-use disposable bioprocessing platform and system have gained rapid acceptance by biopharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. The major advantages include reducing overall contamination rates, enhancing production throughput efficiency and hence ensuring the manufacture quality and decreasing manufacturing operation and maintenance costs. However, adopting the single-use platforms into legacy system and implementing new processes are challenging in examining many parameters and cost factors to ensure smooth transformation.

In this workshop, early adopters will explain the key factors a biopharm company should consider to adopt the technology.

Key Learning Outcomes:
Ø  Determining the feasibility of single-use systems by considering the volume, production timeline and complexity
Ø  Evaluating the materials, components and system design to control risk and ensure safety
Ø  Selecting the best suppliers with proven delivery history to ensure the system reliability and consistency



Ø  考虑规模、生产时间线和复杂度以确定一次性系统的可行性
Ø  评估材料、部件和体系设计以控制风险并保证安全
Ø  选择拥有良好交付记录的最佳供应商以确保系统可靠性和一致性

Mr. Michael Lee

Project Director
BeiGene Biopharmaceutical Company

Workshop B | 研讨会 B

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Developing an Effective Packaging Strategy to Enhance the Quality of the Cold Chain Process

The world of biopharmaceutical cold chain is constantly changing: new regulations, stricter requirement and fierce competition among peers constantly challenge all the parties to revisit and improve cold chain practices.  Innovative and customised packaging solutions are key to reducing costs throughout the cold chain process. In this workshop we will explore effective packaging solutions for your cold chain process.
Join this workshop and communicate directly with experts from authoritative pharmaceutical packaging association to ensure you have the knowledge of packaging to maximise the quality of your cold chain process. 

Key Learning Outcomes:
Ø  Special packaging requirements for biopharm cold chain process (Outer container, Insulation covering, Temperature control agent)
Ø  Impacts that different packaging materials will have on the quality of the cold chain process
Ø  Exploring packaging strategy for cost reduction
Ø  Matching packaing schemes according to different profitability of products



Ø  生物/医药冷链流程的特殊包装要求(外容器、覆盖保温和温度控制剂)
Ø  不同包装材料对于冷链流程质量的影响
Ø  探索降低成本的包装策略
Ø  根据产品盈利能力配套包装方案