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Biopharma Week China 2017 Summit Agenda

Download 8th Biopharma  Cold Chain & Temperature Management China Summit agenda, discover which Cold Chain & Logistic experts from Asia and across the globe you will have the opportunity to meet in advance!

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Optimising Strategy and Cost-Balancing in Temperature Controlled Supply Chains

In the mission to further refine a pharmaceutical’s path to market: Risk conduct, compliance and cost balancing are three key pillars to be optimised in any temperature controlled logistics strategy. Download the latest article from Cold Chain IQ to know how to optimising your temperature controlled logistic your for biopharma...

Steps to Fix China’s Cold Chain

China’s cold chain logistics sector is estimated to be growing at a rate of 25% per year, but this rapid growth has exposed numerous shortcomings in regards to temperature control and compliance. In this article, Joe Yang, Senior Consultant & Master Trainer at the American Society of Transportation & Logistics,...

China Biopharma Cold Chain Industry Profiling Report

In this report we have compiled the findings from our latest survey conducted with the attendees for our upcoming event, 8th Annual Bio/Pharma Cold Chain & Temperature Management Summit China. The following graphs provide insights into the key challenges in cold chain, the hottest topics and investment priorities for some...

Competition Heats Up for China’s Cold Chain

China’s cold chain logistics industry has entered a stage of rapid development, with growth predicted at 25% p.a. until 2017.1. But, we also should know that short-comings of China’s existing cold chain infrastructure are becoming increasingly apparent as it struggles to meet demand...

Feasible Scheme in Cold Chain Management

In this presentation, Catherine Xu, the Head of Allergan China QA will share the feasible Scheme from their best practice. Download the presentation to learn more!

Cold Chain Strategies and Applications for Successful Clinical Research & Development in China

Download this presentation, to learn how ThermoFisher Scientific successfully developed their chold chain strategies and applications for clinical research in China

Tools, Technologies and Services to Enhance Visibility of Your Cold Chain Process

Visibility is an important index in cold chain process. In this presentation, Michael Lee will introduce the tools, innovative technologies and services to enhance visibility of cold chain process.

Pharmaceuticals Supplier/ Vendor Management

Suppliers and vendors are the indispensable part in the supply chain/ cold chain process. Download the presentation to learn how to create a win-win situation by building a cooperation mechanism.



医药冷链 : 第三方物流尴尬的两难

震惊全国的山东疫苗案——案值5.7亿元的疫苗未经严格的冷链运输就销往全国24个省份,将中国医药冷链物流的脆弱本质暴露无遗。这给整个行业敲响了警钟。由是,医药行业开始更加重视冷链物流。然而,医药冷链物流要想驶入发展快车道,还需要突破一些两难境地。Biopharma cold chain has re-gained attention in China after the vaccine incident in Shandong that $90 million worth of incorrectly handled vaccines were distributed in multiple provinces around the country. Though passing the deadline of complying with the revised GSP in 2015, it’s clear that the the quality and governance...

A Survival Guide For Emerging Markets

In this eGuide Cold Chain IQ examines real case studies involving the storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products through emerging markets. Lessons learned from these projects will be discussed as insight is shared on market conditions,top tips for improving operations on the ground and successfully sourcing logistic partners in these...

Cold Chain Trend

We interviewed six of our highlight speakers from Cold Chain Global Forum about the trends they see in the industry today, and where they see things going in the next five years.经过采访了来自冷链物流全球高峰论坛的6位专家级演讲嘉宾,针对生物医药冷链行业目前的现状以及未来五年的发展作出了各自的预测。

10 Basic Essentials to Consider When Choosing Cold Chain Monitoring Solution

Temperature monitoring is an essential part of an effective cold chain. Many technologies are available to monitor the various parameters of temperature, humidity, energy and location. There are many factors to consider when choosing a cold chain monitoring solution. So how do you choose? Our friend Nitin Dahad of Dyzle...

Building an End-to-End Biopharmaceutical Traceability System without Elec-tronic Drug Monitoring System

Download the article below to understand the best practice from the USA and Europe that could fit the Chinese model and what technologies are available to aid in biopharmaceutical traceability.


下载这篇文章,了解来自美国和欧洲的最佳实践系统,以及有助于实现生物医药端到端可追溯性的各种技术,,比如GS1全球标准, EUFMS and DSCSA, 3D条形码以及RFID标签等,了解如何通过使用这些技术帮助您实现生物医药的可追溯性。

Ensuring product integrity from factory to pharmacy: China’s move towards creating reliable traceability systems

In China’s pharma industry, traceability is a concept that is being more heavily endorsed and promoted, despite recent instances of regulatory uncertainty on the matter. Donwload the aritcle to know more about the traceability in China landscape.

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8th Annual Biopharma Cold Chain & Temperature Management China Summit Agenda S

Download 8th Annual Cold Chain & Termperature Management China Summit brochure, to discover who you will meet there.