Arthur Zheng

Director of Distribution Operations Excellence
Medtronic Operations
Joined Medtronic in 2003, managed Logistics and Transportation. Currently responsible for Distribution Process Engineering, Continuous Improvement, applying Lean and Six Sigma to improve DC performance as well as operations efficiency and quality. Established cold chain logistics processes for key products, working closely with major carriers in finding and improving solutions for handling temperature control inventory both domestically and overseas.

9:20 AM Opening Panel Discussion: Balancing Quality, Efficiency, Compliance and Cost to Drive Competitiveness in China's Biopharma Market | 开幕专题讨论:保持质量、效率、合规和成本的平衡,推动中国生物医药企业的竞争力

Ø  Prioritising and complying with key biopharma regulations in 2017
Ø  Striking the right balance between cost and quality
Ø  How can we leverage on strategic partnerships to ensure closed loop quality management?
Ø  Exploring cost-effective tools to enhance the quality of biopharma manufacturing

11:50 AM Panel Discussion: Tackling the Challenges of Dealing with Temperature Variations, Long Distances and Different Standards along Different Areas in China | 专题讨论:应对中国不同地区之间的巨大温差、长途配送时间和不同标准的挑战

Ø  Ensuring the refrigerated truck is validated to deal with big temperature difference
Ø  Selecting the best packaging and container solutions capable for long distance and hours
Ø  Understanding key considerations in different areas with regards to cold chain capability, temperature and geographical factors

3:20 PM Preparing domestic and international shipping for temperature sensitive inventory | 针对国内和国际运输的不同模式,为温度敏感的生物医药产品选择最佳配送方案

Ø  Exploring the different strategies for domestic and international shipping
Ø  Enhancing efficiency and reducing cost by adopting innovative container solution for better system resolution
Ø  Selecting the best vendor to achieve continuous improvement and ensure external monitoring
Ø  Taking specific country/province's customs and rules into consideration when making the shipping plan

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