Dr. Xun Liu

Vice President, Head of Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Research Institute
Shanghai Hengrui Biopharmaceuticals
Dr. Xun Liu obtained his B.Sc degree in Chemistry from Beijing University, and his Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from Rutgers University, after which he obtained post-doc fellowship from the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Gobind Khorana’s laboratory, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and did his post-doc training in Dr. Khorana’s lab for three and a half years. Dr. Xun Liu has 20 years of biopharmaceutical experience, his background in the industry spans a wide range of drug discovery/development pipelines, from pre-clinical research and development to commercial manufacturing. Prior to joining Hengrui in 2015, he was a tenure Staff Scientist of the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and the Director for the process development of the Vaccine Production Program, Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at National Institutes of Health. Before joining NIH, Dr. Xun Liu was the Principal Engineer at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals in Berkeley, CA, where he was the Commercial Production Specialist for Bayer’s top selling drug, Kogenate®. In the early years of his professional career, he was a senior scientist at Amgen and worked on the pre-commercial (Phase III) drug product and device development, contributed to success of the phase III production, and commercial launch of Amgn’s top selling products Prolia and Xgeva. Prior to joining Amgen, he was a senior scientist at MedImmune, specializing in the process development and optimization for the pre-clinical production of vaccines; and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, working on the structure-based drug design via drug target purification, HTS drug screen and biochemical/biophysical characterization.

9:20 AM Opening Panel Discussion: Balancing Quality, Efficiency, Compliance and Cost to Drive Competitiveness in China's Biopharma Market | 开幕专题讨论:保持质量、效率、合规和成本的平衡,推动中国生物医药企业的竞争力

Ø  Prioritising and complying with key biopharma regulations in 2017
Ø  Striking the right balance between cost and quality
Ø  How can we leverage on strategic partnerships to ensure closed loop quality management?
Ø  Exploring cost-effective tools to enhance the quality of biopharma manufacturing

3:30 PM Strategic Biopharma Model and Partnership with Internal and External Parties | 考量不同的合作模式,选择与内部和外部不同环节的最佳合作形式

Ø  Advantages & disadvantages of outsourcing core activities such as upstream process development, design of experiments and quality by design
Ø  Addressing the pitfalls of collaboration with external suppliers
Ø  Ensuring a robut and validated operational process among internal and external parties

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