Ms Jennifer Yu

Logistics Manager
Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals

11:50 AM Panel Discussion: Tackling the Challenges of Dealing with Temperature Variations, Long Distances and Different Standards along Different Areas in China | 专题讨论:应对中国不同地区之间的巨大温差、长途配送时间和不同标准的挑战

Ø  Ensuring the refrigerated truck is validated to deal with big temperature difference
Ø  Selecting the best packaging and container solutions capable for long distance and hours
Ø  Understanding key considerations in different areas with regards to cold chain capability, temperature and geographical factors

11:00 AM Preventing Products Loss: Designing a Comprehensive Cold Chain Plan | 通过从项目初始阶段制定全面冷链计划,以避免产品损失

Ø  Ensuring enough testing and qualification of refrigerated trucks, packaging, temperature monitoring systems to tackle potential challenges of distribution environment
Ø  Finding the right balance of cost and the increasing R-value of the packaging materials to manage longer transit time
Ø  Conducting optimum transit time window to provide a packaging blueprint for the potential shipping challenges

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