Peiqiong Huo

Deputy General Manager
China Resources Guangdong Pharmaceutical

9:20 AM Opening Panel Discussion: Balancing Quality, Efficiency, Compliance and Cost to Drive Competitiveness in China's Biopharma Market | 开幕专题讨论:保持质量、效率、合规和成本的平衡,推动中国生物医药企业的竞争力

Ø  Prioritising and complying with key biopharma regulations in 2017
Ø  Striking the right balance between cost and quality
Ø  How can we leverage on strategic partnerships to ensure closed loop quality management?
Ø  Exploring cost-effective tools to enhance the quality of biopharma manufacturing

11:10 AM Standardising Price Points, Quality and Compliance Requirements to Create a Closed-loop Cold Chain Management across Provinces | 打破中国各省在定价、质量标准和合规要求上的各自为政,推动创建冷链闭环管理

Ø  Collecting the pricing info of different provinces efficiently
Ø  Standardising the cold chain processes by effective communication with upstream and downstream companies
Ø  Adopting supply chain management tools and data recording systems to streamline information transfer among different parties along cold chain

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